Fable IV Game Announcement

Fable IV, Finally

The Fable series is much loved in the Xbox community. The previous instalment, Fable III, was released way back in 2010 on Xbox 360. Finally, we have an official announcement that Fable IV will be released on Xbox Series X. The game will appear alongside Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watchdogs: Legion and a whole host of long-awaited sequels, expected continuations and brand new games. 

Fable IV has been hinted at for some time, with no official announcement until now. There has been much speculation about the fate of Albion after a leak in 2019. It seemed we would lose Albion entirely, play on other planets and even use time travel during gameplay. That leak was well over a year ago, and a lot can change in that time! The official announcement  is just a tiny morsel of footage at the moment, but we are eagerly awaiting more information. 

Who’s Making It?

Lionhead studios brought us the previous Fable games, but they became defunct in 2016. The new development is staying in the UK after being taken on by the makers of the Forza series, Playground Games. An open world RPG might seem a little different from the rest of their repertoire, but if their stunning visuals and immersive gameplay are anything to go by then they are going to make an incredible game.

This little teaser shows a visually captivating game that will be filled with all the magic, fun and fantasy that fans expect. It seems that we will still be able to choose our alignment, hopefully with more complexity added to the somewhat two dimensional “good” or “evil” decision making process of previous Fable games. There is no hint yet of what the main story line will entail, but it is bound to be changeable with various endings, even if there is a largely linear element to it.

When and how can we play?

There is no release date confirmed by Microsoft yet, hopefully they won’t keep us waiting too long. It is going to be released on PC (Windows 10) and Xbox Series X. There is no plan to release it on Xbox ONE, which may come as a huge blow to long term fans.

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