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The card game Dobble, which is known as Spot It! in the US, is great fun for kids and adults. It feels like a relatively new game because I only discovered it a year or so ago but it was released in 2009. Predating that, it is based on a French insect-matching game from 1976. When we first played Dobble, my son was only three and didn’t really pick it up all that well. Now he is a bit older I don’t even need to let him win…

What is Dobble?

Dobble is a card game with 55 cards, each one with eight different pictures printed on it. Every card has one picture in common with every other card in the deck. In all variations of the game, you have to match the pictures. 

It sounds easy, right? But the pictures are all different sizes and in different places at funny angles. When the pressure mounts it can be pretty tricky to see which are the matching images! 

Image showing matching pictures on Dobble cards
Example of matching pictures from our Star Wars Dobble Deck

There are five different sets of rules for different ways to play the game, some a little more complex and some much easier. Once you’ve picked it up you can even homebrew some of your own rules to add to the game; it’s quite a versatile deck!

The cards are round and come in their own little tin so it’s perfect to pop into a bag and take out and about, when visiting friends or on holiday. It also comes in several novelty editions, so naturally we have the Harry Potter and Star Wars versions alongside our classic deck.

The Lowdown

How many people can play? This game can be played with 2 to 8 players, so it has a lot of scope for family time and social gatherings! I think you could also play alone if you wanted to time yourself to see how quickly you can match them up.

How difficult is it to play? 2/10 Easy peasy. This game comes with rules for several different playing options. A couple of them are a little more difficult to grasp but the easiest games are very easy to understand.

Is it child friendly? Absolutely, yes. It recommends ages 6 and up – for some of the novelty versions that is probably a good age. Some of the rule sets included can easily be played by a 3 or 4 year old if they can identify the symbols.

How can I play? Dobble is a card game with a specific deck so you will need to purchase one. You can find it here (this is not an affiliate link). We bought a couple of our sets second hand.

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